FORM 2005

The key components of this collection are based on day-to-day work with our clients and models. They seem to come from a big store of various styles, inspired by techniques from different periods that we have tried to blend into an interesting whole. Static geometrical shapes of the 1960s and soft layers of the 1970s served as an inspiration. All stylists in our team have a complete freedom of creativity but there are some basic techniques that we use: graduation, layers, and lines. The contrast of textures is made by collisions and fusions of seemingly unconnected parts- from extremely short to long hair. Great attention is given to details with high degree of precision.

Each individual haircut requires a hair color that will enrich and complete it. The inspiration is mostly drawn from the shape itself and the lines achieved by cutting. The colors are contrasted in tones and hues. Each block section of color is dispersed and flowing into the other in soft lines, while the firm outter rims of color emphasise and frame the haircut connecting different shapes and lengths. Our team members follow each other’s work, as well as pay attention to people around us, music and culture. All of these elements are inexhaustible sources of creation and inspiration.

Cut: Renato Herman, Mario Mesaric
Color: Vlasta Menges, Ana Ivanic
Make-up: Simona Antonovic
Photo: Drazen Kokoric