Geometry always fascinated us.
The Municipal Museum of art (Hendrik Petrus Berlage),
and Piet Mondrian sense of where we are going with this collection…
No simetry,
balance is reached with color and surface,
balance through relation of contrasts,
through neutralzing opposites,
balance is avoiding individual shapes and creates unity.

Combining straight lines ( less contrasting, static in character but more exact) with curved lines (more contrast, dynamic and ever changing). Rough texture with smooth texture to give our hair surface more lively look. Finding ways to create new shapes, new statements with a new feeling. Classical and experimental at the same time, the result is a exquisite design, perfect in its simplicity of execution.
It’s about being inspired by modern architects and painters doing extraordinary things that can be interpreted into incredible hair.

Red blue and yellow are pure colors or fundamental colors
that can not be achieved from a mixture.
Primary colors are seen as simple and direct.
Combining two or three of these colors makes a magical spectrum
which is a true inspiration to us.
Working with them we have gain creative freedom and ability
to bloom in one more collection.
What surrounds us, guides us.
Three primary colors are all around us,
interweaving with each other they melt  in to unexpected yet beautiful harmony.
Colors are in us.

Cut: Renato Herman, Mario Mesaric, Ivana Spicer, Marina Bukovac, Ivan Jagarcec
Color: Vlasta Menges, AnaMarija Baretic
Make up: Simona Antonovic
Photography: Mladen Saric