The sources of inspiration for this collection were works by Zaha Hadid (a woman who constantly sets new boundaries of architecture and urban design) and a group of abstract painters (Gene Davis, Morris Louis, Kenneth Noland) active in Washington D.C. in the 1950s who are known for using geometrical patterns and their play with color and everything it represents (Color Field Movement).

The most important element of the cut is movement, defined as fluid organization of sections through the use of different techniques. The details we want to achieve require a disciplined approach to geometry in order to ensure that repeating patterns is avoided. Our goal is to define new shapes by splitting the basic form and using its fragments. This creates endless possibilities for creating complex and dramatic compositions which feature abstract overlaps or patterns blending within the shapes. This represents stages of the creation process where “form follows fantasy” in order to achieve different degrees of movement and flow of the design.

A distinctive element of this collection is the use of colors. By using rhythmic patterns and compositions we tried to create the impression of simplicity. The careful matching of colors and their application within planes work towards emphasizing the dynamics particular to individual colors and intend to complement the fluid whole created by the cut. Within the whole, and in relation to it, individual parts (individual colors) appear to be in contrast and transparent at the same time.

Cut: Renato Herman, Mario Mesaric, Ivana Spicer, Marina Bukovac, Ivan Jagarcec
Color: Vlasta Menges, Ana Marija Baretic
Make up: Simona Antonovic
Photo: Milos Gazdic
Styling: Igor Kandjera