Human perception of beauty is strongly connected to the symmetry of geometric shapes.
Inspired by Reuben Margolin’s kinetic wave sculptures we created very precise and yet dynamic shapes marked by an organic eye-catching appearance.
By combining mathematics and aesthetics (two seemingly opposing principles) we aim to create complex structures and demonstrate organic movement of linear and three-dimensional waves so that dramatic contrasts of hair volume and texture could be achieved.

The colors used – granite purple, copper orange and pastel pearl blonde – combine with shapes and create a playful appearance. Like waves in motion, they submerge and re-emerge with their organic shades in full effect.
This combination of opposites works to produce an exciting experience of the unexpected.

Cut: Renato Herman, Mario Mesaric, Ivana Spicer, Marina Bukovac, Ivan Jagarcec
Color: Vlasta Menges, Ana Marija Baretic
Make up: Simona Antonovic
Photo: Jelena Balic
Styling: Fjaba