Data Patterns collection represents a blend of fresh inspiration and new creative perspective which mixes classic and elegant elements with modern and somewhat avant-garde style in a simple, concise and educative way. The collection was inspired by the following influences:

Motoko: in love with the idea of perfection, we aim to achieve a synergy of an android/robot/artificial intelligence and an attractive and mysterious woman which we present as physically impeccable.

Ikeda: another source of inspiration was the work of Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda. Ikeda is one of the leading contemporary artists who uses mathematics, figures and data to create installations incorporating visual art and electronic music. It was the relationship between forms of data that got us interested – what is a piece of data, what is a piece of information, and how can that piece of information be made into something tangible and visual?

Cut: Mario Mesaric, Ivana Spicer, Marina Bukovac, Ivan Jagarcec
Color: Vlasta Menges, Ana Marija Baretic
Make up: Simona Antonovic
Photo: Decker&Kutic
Styling: Melita Klekar, New Yorker
Products: Davines Croatia