BEAM 2016


BEAM is a project based on creative use of light and colour.
The idea was to create a collection of impressive and inspiring shapes starting with a single light source which represents light stripped down to its purest form.

The collection was inspired by a global photography project titled One Beam of Light
which aims to motivate and engage people interested in lighting, and by the concept of glitch music, a genre of electronic music that emerged in the late 1990s
marked by refined and syncopated percussions and known for its adherence to “aesthetic of failure”, exemplified by works of artists such as AlvaNoto, Autechre, Monolake, Oval, and others.

Through a unique and artistic blend of light and music we thrive to create a surreal kind of world, and by combining it with cuts, colours, textures and movement we can achieve elegant, dynamic, and somewhat futuristic shapes.

Cut: Mario Mesaric, Ivana Spicer, Marina Bukovac, Ivan Jagarcec
Color: Ana Marija Baretic
Make up: Simona Antonovic
Photo: Decker&Kutic
Styling: Me and the machine
Products: Wella Professionals
All haircuts were done with BMAC scissors.